milkshake = the source of all power

Who doesn’t love milkshakes?

They make everyone happy, right?

I know 2 kids that are always happy with a milkshake.They both prefer a simple chocolate or black and white milkshake, but I can’t blame them about that.  Even at Arby’s today the kids were happy to get their milkshakes.

Even if it was a frustrating time because they refused to get a simple Jr chicken sandwich PLAIN order correct! Milkshakes make everything better!

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April Showers bring May Flowers so…

…. what does April snow bring?


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A fire field trip

JT and John went to visit a local fire company today. One of John’s  friends runs with them, so he invited them up to check things out. They have the big ladder truck that JT thinks is really cool.  They got to tour the whole fire house, even though for JT the trucks (engines) are really all that is excited.. Now if they had a fire pole things would be different. John on the other hand probably enjoyed touring the house.

Sitting in the engine

A very happy little boy!

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Who needs beds?

JT was pretending to live in an RV. He says you can fit a bunch of people if everyone just slept in totes! I suppose as long as you are a 4 year old or younger that fitting in a tote wouldn’t be much of a problem.  He made himself quite comfortable.

Ok, he is pretending to sleep here, but I wouldn’t doubt that he could probably sleep in a tote if he needed to.

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testing… testing… Is it over yet?

KZ had 6 days of state standardized testing.

On the first day, I found this countdown chain hanging in her room.

Counting down until PSSA’s are over!

How funny.

The one perk she has been enjoying is no homework!

Just coming home from school and going straight outside to play.

The weather was also perfectly spring-like to make going outside possible.


So how would 6 days of math and reading testing make you feel?


Today was the last day of testing.

We had a celebration, complete with candles..

Magic candles that kept relighting!

Got to have a little fun, right?

Kenzie made up a song about the tests being over too.

Wish I had video recorded that.


And since JT hasn’t been doing any testing, he chose to celebrate his un-birthday!

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la la la wemonade

JT has never been able to pronounce the L sound. It always comes out like W.  I have always found it cute, but now as he talks more and more (and more) it gets a little harder to understand him.  So in an effort to correct this situation we have been trying to teach him how to pronounce the letter L and to try to stop and think about the word before he talks.

In the car the other day he was rambling talking and he was going to say  lemonade. He stopped himself and started with the tongue on the roof of the mouth saying La La La… Then he said Lemonade!  No coaxing from us to say the L correctly!

He is still a long way from correcting his speech issue, but at least we know he can do it!  In the meantime I will need to video tape him saying some L words because its so darn cute!

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First day of Spring

What does the First Day of Spring mean to you?

Where I come from it means 1 thing..

Free Rita’s Water Ice!

We were down my parents house for the weekend, so we got Rita’s before we headed home. Kz got Cotton Candy, JT got Green Apple, I got one of my favorites, Swedish Fish and my Mom got Florida Orange. I have to say, I would get the Florida Orange (if strawberry and swedish fish weren’t available of course!)


So the question is, How did you celebrate the First Day of Spring?


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